BEAUTIFUL! ORANGE SAPPHIRE with Lots of Sparkle! Flash! and Luster! This Sapphire gemstone is 100% Real, Natural, and Genuine. Gemstone --- SAPPHIRE Weight ------ 0.25ct apx. Shape ------- Oval Cut Color -------- Orange (Treated to deepen the color) Size --------- 4.2x3.2mm apx. Hardness --- 9 on the MOHS Scale Care and Handling: Normal Care. Sapphires come from the Corundum family of gemstones, which includes the Ruby. Sapphires come in many colors, such as: bright blue, dark ink blue, purple, orange, light pink, dark pink, yellow, clear green, blue-green, and colorless(white). Sapphire is believed to calm the nerves, cure insomnia, and create inner peace. Sapphire is the gemstone of friendship and love, and will attract good influences (people). We know you'll love this Beautiful, 0.25ct Natural Orange SAPPHIRE Oval Faceted Loose Gemstone! We Ship Internationally also. For International Shipping Rates, please email us before purchasing: