This is a Beautiful, Sparkling, Oval Cut, Blue TOPAZ gemstone. Perfect for a Beautiful Ring, Necklace, or Pendant Setting! This Topaz gemstone is 100% Natural, Real, and Genuine. Gemstone -- TOPAZ Weight ------ 8.00ct apx. Shape ------- Oval Cut Color -------- Blue Size --------- 11.34x8.22mm apx. Hardness --- 8 on the MOHS Scale Care: Clean with mild dish soap in warm water with a SOFT toothbrush Handling: It is hard enough to handle most bumps. Can use ultrasonic cleaners. Topaz, whether it's Imperial Topaz, Blue Topaz, Pink Topaz, White Topaz, or Red Topaz, helps to overcome stress, and soothe nerves, thereby helping you to achieve a deeper sleep. Topaz is also good for colds and flu. We know you'll love this Beautiful, 8.00ct Natural SWISS BLUE TOPAZ Oval Cut Faceted Loose Gemstone! We Ship Internationally also. For International Shipping Rates, please email us before purchasing: