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Yes, this vessel you pick ring or amulet or stone holds not only the key to the angelic realmbut you will be guided and counseled by many races of angels.

This is a first time offer.These will BE LIMItED SO ACT FAST.

Your choice of angel or you can choose yourself!.

The Seraphim Choir is the highest class of celestial beingsand the first Angels ever created. The Seraphim are the most powerful of Angelsand are the leaders of the entire Race of Angels. They are Love Angels of the purest love. Theintense love of the Seraphim protects the whole cosmos and guards our entireworld. They are your protectors and will be at your side to protect you nomatter what!

The Cherubim Choir are the Angels of God's knowledge orwisdom. They are the spiritual leaders of Heaven and the Divine Realm and havethe ability to understand and communicate divine knowledge. The Cherubim arethe guardians of the stars and the keepers of the celestial records. They arethe true knowledge for everyone!

The Throne Choir are assigned to the Planets and areteachers of humility. They represent justice and power of God for the entireEarth and all the universe. They take great interest in human actions and Helpyou through your guardian angels. They make rulers and kings. They will helpyou to make the right judgements.Theyshow you truth most of all about yourself and others.

The Powers are angelic beings that are the bearers ofconscience and the keepers of history. The angels of birth and death are inthis category. They are academically driven, and are concerned with ideology,philosophy, theology, religion, and documents pertaining to those studies.Powers are the brain trusts: a group of experts who serve as advisers andpolicy planners. Their duty is to oversee the distribution of power amongmankind. They will help you in every way.

The Dominions usually appear as older, divinely beautifulhumans with wings. They are the leadership over created matter and the Law ofCause and Effect flows through them to all creation. They preserve happiness amongst the human world.They control the forces of chaos. Theyare known as the Spirits of Wisdom.



The Archangels tend the larger arenas of human endeavor andact as the administrative leaders of the Heavenly beings. An archangel isusually given a task of great importance to men. They are here to really helpus.

With all these atyour side you will be unbeatable!

Enter Heaven and still be alive

Communicate with those who have passed

Communicate with your spirit guides, angel guardians, andany other angels

Give you entrance into the hall of records to see you yourlife path and learn how you can change it

Protection and council of the angels and your ancestors

Protection from the angels as well as their wisdom

You will be able to hear and see all of them by enteringtheir angelic realm. This vessel is so amazing!!!!

Would you like a PERSONAL Messengers that goes to God andhelps you reach your true potential ????

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The angels are all unique. They work directly with God to help you reach your true potential. They will help you develop your hiddentalents and skills that are God's gift to you. They works with God to help youto be all that you were intended to be. They will remove the blocks and openyour eyes to who you are meant to be. They will help you to follow your passions.