Island Boy A Story of Ancient Hawaii Robert R. Harry HC/DJ

Island Boy
A Story of Ancient Hawaii
Robert R. Harry
New York: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co., 1957
Copyright 1956
209 pages
Illustrated by Reisie Lonette
Weekly Reader book club edition

The binding is in good condition, the pages are clean but browning. The blue cover has some fading on the edges. The jacket is edge worn and has bug damage along the bottom and the spine is darkened. Good in acceptable dust-jacket. Hardcover.

Seven times the silver moon of harvest had dipped into the black sea since his mother and all the others were killed.

On the eighth day, when Paulo looked out from the secret cave where he was hiding, he saw Boki, the trader, striding up the beach. Soon they were sailing in Boki's canoe across the many colored sea to a strange island, in search of someone willing to care for a homeless boy. "But will they like a new boy?" Paulo wondered. Around his neck he wore his only possession, the shell necklace that had belonged to his mother. It was a talisman, she had said, to bring him good fortune - and after an uncertain beginning, her prophecy comes true. (#000063)