Lucy and Their Majesties A Comedy in Wax by B. L. Farjeon

Lucy and Their Majesties
B. L. Farjeon
A Comedy in Wax
New York: The Century Co., 1904
Copyright 1904
332 pages
Illustrated by Fanny Y. Cory and George Varian

The binding is weak and the front hinge is starting to crack, the pages are tanned with some smudges and brown age spots, some pages are corner creased. There is a name in pencil on the front end paper and the top corner is torn off this page. The cover is stained and worn. Fair. Hardcover.

Chapter 1: "What is the matter with you, little girl? You seem to be in trouble." Lucy looked up. The voice was kind, and she felt the need of sympathy just then, being very lonely and not at all happy in her mind. She was standing between Groups 1 and 2 in the center of the Grand Saloon, and no one was near her except the lovely Mme. Sainte Amaranthe (who lay fast asleep on her crimson couch) and a few other figures, among whom was a Little Old Woman in Black in the act of taking a pinch of snuff from a silver snuff-box......(#0000407)