Dish Soap Apron

Eco Friendly dish cloth with attached scrubbie made of 100% cotton yarn for the body, and a polyester blend yarn for the top.  The dish cloth is made to hang from a large bottle of dish soap.  You can use the bottom for washing dishes, and the top to scrub the harder to clean dishes as well as pots and pans.  Perfect for when you only have a few dishes to clean.

It measures approximately 2 inches across the top of the apron, 7 inches across the bottom of the apron, and 8 inches from the top of the apron to the bottom of the apron.  The color on the top is a turquoise blue.  The color of the bottom is white with specks of turquoise, pastel yellow, pastel mint green, and lime green. 

The cloth can be machine washed and dried as needed.  Between machine washings, and after each use,  always rinse thoroughly with cold water, squeeze out excess water and use hanging loop to hang from the bottle of dish soap to allow it to dry.

The dish cloth is shown hanging from a large 21.6 ounce (638 ml) bottle of dish soap.  (dish soap not included)

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