Pack of 4 unique masala items at your convenience! Surprise your family, friends or guests with your Maharashtrian food preparations with Veerappa's desirable flavours!!

1. Kolhapuri Kanda Lasun Masala (50g):

An exemplary flavour that would remind you of homemade Maharashtrian food. Prepared from traditional Western Maharashtra recipe which exhibits its authencity through the aroma of exquisite natural red Kashmiri, Bedgi chillies and other quality spices. Use it to make curry with natural bright red colour without making it too spicy (per general Indian palate). It can also be relished as a chutney with steamed rice and sambar, hot paranthas and naan, sandwich, dashmi (sweet Maharashtrian roti), jowar/bajra bhakri, roti canai, in kheema rolls and much more.

2. Goda Masala (Kala Masala Premium 50g):

A typical “Marathi” flavour that would remind you of homemade Maharashtrian food. Prepared from traditional Maharashtrian recipe which exhibits its authenticity through the aroma of exquisite quality spices blended together. Also known as Maharashtrian Garam Masala, it can be used daily as it adds a lingering flavour to Maharashtrian veg/non-veg preparations which can be dry, semi-dry/thick-gravy or curry dishes.

3. Ghati Masala (50g):

Veerappa's Ghati Masala is a versatile, "extra strong" spice blend which can be used to make variety of items ranging from Aloo Bonda, Samosa to Chickpea (Chana/Chole) Curry to spicy non-vegeterian gravy roasts. You may be required to use very little quantity of this masala in your food preparations. Although it's a matter of personal taste, a teaspoon or half of Veerappa's Ghati Masala should suffice to make a flavoursome "gaavran" curry.  

4. Varhadi Masala (100g):

Vidarbha's specialty, Varhadi Masala, a blend of 29 different ingredients! Also, known as Kala Masala, use to make spicy Varhadi curry preparations

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