Very soothing scent calms you right down. Leaves you not only clean but peaceful. 8 ounce cobalt bottle.
We do combine shipping. In the event it does not happen here we will refund any overpayment through PayPal when we create your Shipping Label.
How we combine shipping for multiple purchases.
Take the highest shipping price as the base for shipping and the remaining items ship for Half (50%) of their stated shipping price. Example If $6 is the highest that is the base and if other items are $6 then they would be $3, if $3 then $1.50.
Is there a maximum for shipping?
Yes depending on the weight and cost to ship adding $1-2 for shipping supplies and that would be the total, it’s really based on what USPS or UPS charge. We are not selling shipping, just our products and again over payment will be refunded through PayPal at the time we create your shipping label since that’s where we can issue the refund.