This is a white arts offering! Cannot be used for harm, mind control or other evil purpose.


The Ice Elf Eternal Transcendence Ritual Pack is from our elite collection! Only one will be ever offered here up for sale.


It contains the spiritual essence and powers of One Ice Elf Queen, Thousands of Ice Elfs, Frost Nymphs, Ice Elementals, Ice Demons, Frost Dragons, Ice Werewolves, Frost Wisps and other entities of cold, ice, snow and frost.


This ritual pack includes an amulet, that holds their spiritual essence and powers, three spellcast candles, spellcast incense, three channeling stones, two frost oils, two sigil scrolls, one bottle of Ice Elixir, one bag of special spiritual herbs, an ice magic mirror and a wooden charging box.


Just by holding the amulet in your hands, will send calming energy wawes into your hands. It will always feel cold to to the touch - due to the ice magic bound in it. The amulet radiates with divine spiritual essence and powers. The first time you put it around your neck, it will immediately create a special spiritual bond between you and the entities bound to it. They will manifest to you in a special way; such as blue-white energy orbs, spiritual snow, strange voices, in a mirror or in their true form. They will place their spiritual hands upon your forehead, channel their spiritual essence and powers into you and awaken your mind, body and soul.

Your soul will absorb these and make it your own. You will become an Ice Elf and possess a portion of their powers and ableto use ice-frost-cold magic easily and swiftly. 

From that point on, you will be bound to them and they will be bound to you for all eternity. You will always be able to see, hear and work with them whenever you desire.

The spirits bound to this ritual pack will never harm you in any way. But you should treat them with respect and they will become your eternal friends, allies and companions along your path.

Your soul will become a beacon of hope and light to other frost-ice-cold natured entities and they will often visit you to converse, give you advice or guidance, reveal special words of power unique to your soul and help you in your life.

The more you work with the spirits, the stronger the bond will become between you and them. Over time, they will know your deepest feelings, emotions, fears, desires and work towards fulfilling your unspoken commands.

The Ice Elf Queen will become your teacher and mentor. She is an extremely powerful and ancient divinity and the amulet will also create a perfect soul union between you and her. Your souls will be united for all eternity and she will teach you the ice-frost-cold natured spells, rituals and how to awaken your full powers and master them.

As an added enchantment, the amulet also works as an eternal spiritual vortex and portal to their native plane called Ibanixna. You will be able to visit them using astral projection through the portal and she can also visit you whenever they desire. Wherever you place the amulet, that place will take on the spiritual essence and powers of Ibanixna over time and you will be able to channel them in your spells and rituals to amplify them.

The entities will create a special shield made of their unique ice-cold-frost magic around your mind, body and soul. This shield will protect you from all kinds of harm, negativity, injury, bad luck, slander, illness, disease, jealousy, black magic attack, curse, hex, etc. The shield will completely destroy these and they won't be able to touch you in any way.

No bonding ritual is required. Just by wearing the amulet, you will be able to connect with the entities bound in it.


The new user of this ritual pack will obtain...

Ice Magic

Ice Powers

Overall Good Health

Vast Wealth

Immunity Against Illnesses And Diseases

Eternal Youth And Immortality

Astral Projection

Supernatural Beauty



Sex Charm


Success Of All Kinds

Instant Results

Ice Shield

Cold-Frost-Ice Manipulation

Ice Vision


Banish Negative Entities

Good Luck

Healing Powers

Energy Absorption

Frost Emission



Open Third Eye

Ability To Clearly See, Hear And See Spiritual Entities

Soul Travel

Animal Communication

Absolute Existence

Astral Soul Mirror


Ice Divinity

Reality Warping

Increased Spiritual-Psychic-Mental Power

Regeneration Powers

Enchanted Senses

Mega Intelligence


Lucid Dreaming

Ice Generation

Poison Immunity

Increased Vitality

Life-Force Augmentation



Mind Reading




Ice-Psionic Imprinting

Frost-Kinetic-Energy Manipulation

Quantum-Snow Generation

And Much More...