Tonia's Feed Sack String Cotton Wipe A1

I've been making these for years now, and since they usually last so long I reckon I'd make a few extra to sell.  This is a hand crocheted (by me - tonia) wipe made with strings I save from mostly 50# critter feed sacks.  They are usually cotton.  Sometimes there's a nylon thread in there (depending on the feed sack pull string).  Once I've got a big enough stash (after several weeks of saving strings), and I have some uninterrupted time on my hands, I get out my granny glasses & crochet hook and begin.  I generally use two strands.  I just add string as I go along - you will see a lot of knots in each wipe - those are where I join the strings.  This is not a fancy piece of work.  It is a functional item.  I started making these for morning milking goat teat wipes.  I used to use dish towel cloths but they gave out after a few months.  These feed sack string wipes last me about a year or so before they wear out.  Since I milk several goats each morning, and each goat gets their own wipe, and I wash after one use, they are getting quite the workout.  I wash them in hot water and tumble dry.    

Fear not, yours will be new - not used.

We maintain a small herd of mixed Nubian dairy goats. When we have goats available for sale we list them on Craigslist (Columbus, GA - Farm & Garden).

Our hens have laid down their lives for our involuntary wildlife feeding operation.... I really do not like raccoons or foxes! We've still got two roosters and a sweet turkey couple, who wander the grounds together. They eat 5-way scratch, grass, weeds, bugs and clean up after the horses & goats. We are licensed egg candlers, but with no hens and no eggs, we're getting rusty.

"Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds." Proverbs 27:23


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