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(1) Echo OEM CURVED BLOWER PIPE Part # E165000321 (E165000320)

Where Used:

· EB6000 S/N: P90100001001 - P90100999999-->BLOWER TUBES
· ES-250 S/N: P33813001001 - P33813999999-->Blower Tubes, Debris Bag
· ES-250 S/N: P38311001001 - P38311999999-->Blower Tubes, Debris Bag
· ES-250 S/N: P40412001001 - P40412999999-->Blower Tubes, Debris Bag
· ES-250 S/N: P40513001001 - P40513999999-->Blower Tubes, Debris Bag S/N: P40513001001 - P40513158745
· ES-250 S/N: P41814001001 - P41814999999-->Blower Tubes, Debris Bag S/N: P41814001001 - P41814082953
· PB-250LN S/N: P34913001001 - P34913999999-->Blower Tubes
· PB-250LN S/N: P39926001001 - P39926999999-->Blower Tubes
· PB-250LN S/N: P40313001001 - P40313999999-->Blower Tubes S/N: P40313001001 - P40313176906
· PB-250LN S/N: P42814001001 - P42814999999-->Blower Tubes S/N: P42814001001 - P42814462538

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