Vintage Phoenix Glass Freesia Blue Vase Original Label. The Phoenix Glass Company was founded in 1880 and is located in Monaca, Pennsylvania. They began producing art glass in 1932 when they acquired about fifty molds from the Consolidated Glass Company when Consolidated ceased production.

The line of Phoenix was called the Reuben Line. Phoenix Glass then created and designed new molds based on these molds and called the line Sculptured Art Glass, this line was produced from 1933 to 1958. Both the Ruben Line and Sculptured Art line where only marked with paper labels. The earliest versions of Sculptured Art Glass had silver Phoenix paper labels, later versions featured gold paper labels.

Phoenix produced Sculptured Art Ware on and off until 1958. The company is still in business, however, they no longer make any pieces by hand and will never again make Sculptured Art Ware.

This vase is the Freesia pattern, beautiful blue and white or clear frost finish, one of the earlier pieces with the silver label still intact on the bottom. It is 8 1/4 inches tall and 6 1/2 inches across the mouth, in beautiful condition, no water lines, does have a very small chip on the base as shown in the picture, not noticeable unless you actually looking for it. It would be a beautiful addition to your collection!