Beswick Pottery Floral Fan Shaped Vase 844-1. A wonderful hard to find piece! Beswick Pottery was originally known as J.W. Beswick, founded in 1892 by James Wright Beswick in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent. This legendary pottery began humbly, but grew in recognition and business stature as their lines became popular. It 1936 after the death of J.W. Beswick the company changed names to John Beswick Ltd and was run by Mr Beswick's son and grandson. Their introduction of high fired bone china figurines was groundbreaking due to their unrivaled quality and detail. In 1947 Beswick's popularity soared with the production of Beatrix Potter characters, these figurines were based on the characters in Ms. Potter's story books, followed in 1952 by the production of Disney characters. Beswick pottery used several different marks over the years, "Beswick England" circular stamp was found on the pottery in the 1920s, "Beswick Ware Made In England" was the first pottery mark recorded in 1936. Later impressed stamped pieces also had the shape number printed on the pottery and the Walt Disney pieces were stamped "Walt Disney Prod Beswick England" in brown and in gold. Additionally many of Beswick's pieces were not marked, common for early pieces to not be marked or for pieces that were made at the end of the work week to be unmarked and even unglazed. In 1969 with no new generation of Beswick to take over the family business, the company was sold to Royal Doulton. The subsequent collection had fewer colors on new pieces and the discontinuation of many other pieces. In 1989 the Royal Albert or Royal Doulton mark replaced the Beswick mark. Finally in 2002 Royal Doulton ceased production of Beswick products.

This piece dates to between 1936 and the early 1950's, it has a beautiful white and yellow floral pattern on a greenish blue, or a sea foam green background with a hint of brownish gold mixed in, it is 10 1/2 inches tall, 9 3/4 inches long and 4 1/2 inches wide across the bottom. It is marked on the bottom with the bottom with Beswick Ware Made in England and 844-1, the numbers indicate the shape of the vase, also has a tiny bit of the original foil tag on the front. It is in excellent condition, no chips and no water marks, appears to have been displayed and never used. A beautiful addition to your collection!