Framed Cartoon Panel Pig Creates a Rainbow Amid a Cloudy Day






Here’s a cartoon strip comic strip panel with a message: sitting unhappily beneath gray skies, a looming cloud over him, this pig jumps and creates a rainbow. This a neat way to tell a friend that even in the worst of times, actions can alter, or attitudes make a difference. Framed, signed by artist on mat. Professionally framed; ready to hand from wire hanger on back , Measures 12.5 " x 7.5 inches in a golden oak frame.









Many on-line booksellers describe their books using a grading system which, despite best efforts and intent, is often subjective and disappointing. MOST OF MY BOOKS ARE NEW , or like new - high quality material; no book club editions, no ex library volumes. YOU WILL BE SATISFIED and I’ll make every effort to make it so.



Given this, books are available at a fraction of the prices you’d find at even the best discounted merchants. If you find a similar title listed for less elsewhere , the chances are that the shipping and handling charges will marginalize that "bargain” or that the condition is not the same. .



Shipping costs are problematic and I have been vexed over how to deal with the issue of how to cover my expenses (like the cost of the bubble envelope) etc. These very real expenses, by default, have been modestly incorporated into the shipping charge.



In some of my earlier listings the shipping is noted in the description itself and gets unnoticed. Please, use common sense; I can’t accept an offer that is less than the cost to ship it.



Almost always, unless you request otherwise, books will be shipped by MEDIA MAIL. This is a weight based service and I try to be accurate.



FEEDBACK: Most welcomed, but please use common sense. Unless you have less intelligence than the pistachio nut, contact me immediately with any issue you may have. Please don’t engage in thoughtless knee-jerking! You will always do well if you talk to me first!



A NOTE ABOUT NEW BOOKS THAT ARE NOT RECENTLY PUBLISHED: Some books listed as new are indeed new, but were published several years ago. These are from new old stock, meaning that the book has never been used but may have wear from long term storage.



A NOTE ABOUT ANTIQUARIAN AND COLLECTIBLE BOOKS: Since the proper evaluation can not be done without several detailed photos, they will be provided upon inquiry or expression of interest.



Refunds: I have no set policy since every case is different but I guarantee satisfaction. I make every effort to accommodate you. In general: no fuss, and no problem but must be returned in the original condition within 10 days of receipt. Items that have been removed from their original sealed wrap (CDs, Books, etc that were in blister packs) will be credited at 80 % of item’s price.



Once out of my control, I can’t assume responsibility in the event of loss or damage of uninsured items in transit so I recommend that the buyer purchase insurance for high value items.



I DON’T CHARGE FOR BOOKS TO THE MEN AND WOMEN SERVING IN THE ARMED SERVICES or for people trying to cope with a threatening or life changing illness. You have enough on your plate - just cover the shipping and handling.



INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: I enjoy doing business with you! International Shipments will normally be mailed using International First Class or INTERNATIONAL FLAT RATE PRIORITY MAIL. This is generally okay for most books but the book must fit into a especially sized envelope, so large books or oversized books will not generally fit. Also, the service is not available for every country.



I would appreciate it if Canadian buyers use Postal Money Order in US FUNDS, please. I am always interested in hearing from foreign sellers who may wish to buy in quantities- in fact, I will discount larger shipments.






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