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Negative Ions according to Japanese researchers are said to be beneficial for, improving blood
circulation, high blood pressure, fatigue, arthritis, stiff neck, general calming and soothing,
slow metabolism, insomnia, blood purification, the increase in concentration, helps to deal
with depression.


We cannot claim that the bracelet will cure or magically improve your health, but we get
amazing results reported by our customers. Around 95% of our customer report that they feel
some improvement in their well-being.


We started to distribute these  magnet bracelets as these were the one's that lowered our
pain levels and worked for us.



Length: 21.5 CM

(7.5 inches )
Wide: 1.5 CM
Material: Stainless steel
Unique: Far infrared, Germanium, Magnet, Negative ion
Energy: 2000-3500 ions
1 Bracelet

* Reduce muscle tension and increase flexibility - Injury prevention
* Reduce fatigue and tension and thus enhance the ability to perform at optimum level
* Improve blood circulation
* Alleviate Discomfort and improve sleep



Delivered in gift box