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 size 8

 COLOR CHANGE IN THE GEM, in shades of soft pink-amber  TO SOFT green and mix of those colors  color change is evidence of the quality of this nice stone. this ring is small to notice better the color change please do it under aumengtation glass, color change will be noticed when you expose the ring to incandescent light ( amber ) then fluorescent light ( for green ) or mix of them depending of the mix of lights. PLEASE FOLLOW THIS PROCEDURE  IN ORDER TO SEE THE FULL COLOR CHANGE. WE DONT KNOW THE NATURE OF THE STONE.

  face of the ring 10X6mm about 1.10 carats, oval stone  please notice pictures so you get a complete idea of the profile and size of the ring in a average hand ( model), the ring is small and delicate , the ring also has small accents of white sapphires that adds nice light to it,..Great ring for engagement, wedding, promess,..etc 

Total weight of the ring about: 3 grams

****************GREAT ITEM THAT YOU SHOULD NOT PASS*****************

Please upon arrival of the item kindly expose the item to an strong light, and move the ring in different angles, so you can experience the full glory and real colors of the stone, a dark room, will make look the stone dull it will not represent the real beauty of the gems. 

In the case of Alexandrite stones be sure to expose the stone to incandesce light then to fluorescente light, this is the only way to be able to appreciate the color change. 

If any issue upon arrival,human mistake, post office, etc  please DO NOT HESITATE to contact us as soon as possible, via email, we will be glad to solve any reasonable discrepancy. 

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