Columbia 300X Purple Galaxy 11Lb Ball and Sling Bag - Good Pre-Owned Condtion:

Listing is for a pre-owned bowling ball and bag in very good/good condition.  The ball is beautiful, it is a designed with colors and accents similar to a purple galaxy.  Base layer is dark purple, mixed with some pink, to a pink violet color, white pearl, electric blue to dark violet and a couple small bands of white, most of the colors are all pearlized and the ball is designed with tiny bits of glitter everywehere.  Lettering is in hot pink and has a little bit of fade, prior owner "Marge" had fairly small lady hands, which none of my stocky fingers fit in the holes except the pinky, this may be a fingertip ball, in which case my tips fit.  It has very minimal dinks from lofting/dropping and could use a spin in the ball cleaner or a professional cleaning to make it more glamourous.

The bag is just your basic bag in an orange and tan upholsetery fabric, top tabs and tag have rub wear, it's fairly clean and tidy otherwise, but could use a good wash.  Tiny bit of kitty hair and dust on the bottom.

Shipping is close to actual cost, this item requires a heavy duty box and it is sized beyond all the flat rate boxes USPS offers.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about shipping.  I am willing to meet for free shipping, I'm an hour north of Sacramento, California.

My condition grading is based on the following:
    Like New: May have been tried on but not worn, may be a store return, looks new.
Premium/Mint: Best possible condition a pre-owned item can be in, may not have been worn.
Excellent: Neat & tidy, no significant wear noted, known to be pre-owned but could pass for un-used.
 Excellent Vintage: Neat & tidy, no significant wear noted, known to be pre-owned - flaws/defects noted.
    Very Good: Tidy and in good usable condition, no spots, stains or significant wear - flaws/defects noted.
Good: Average buy, some wear but still usable and attractive - flaws/defects noted.
Fair/Acceptable: On the down side of usage but still usable, obvious signs of wear, may have insignificant spot, hole, or stain -
    flaws/defects noted.
As Is: Likely a vintage or special use item with expected wear - flaws/defects/issues noted.  


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