Stereo needle, Pfanstiehl 901-D3, replaces Crosley NP4, NP-4.  Used in Crosley CR245, CR246, CR249.  Also used in:  Sanyo DCX1000   DCX1050   DCX22   DCX702   DCX891   DCX900MD   DCX-901  DCX-W17  ST-09   ST-59U  ST-868J  ST-W40J.  Also SONY:  CN-234  Sony CN-251, Sony PSJ-10, Sony PSJ-20, Sony PS-LX150, Sony PS-LX150H, Sony PS-LX150M, Sony PS-LX300H, Sony PL-SX-44P, Sony PS-LX46P, Sony  PS-LX49P, Sony  PS-LX52P, Sony  PS-LX56P, Sony  PS-LX56, Sony  PS-LX57, Sony  PS-LX66, Sony PS-LX150M, Sony PS-LX300H, Sony PS-LX350H, Sony PS-LX452.  901-D3.  Tip:  3 mil diamond.  Speeds:  78 RPM.  New. 

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Model numbers are provided in manufacturer's references for the cartridge they installed in those models.  If the cartridge has been changed by a dealer or user, this needle will not be correct for the model numbers listed, as it is the cartridge that determines what needle is needed.  Be sure it looks like your old needle.