Lot of 19 Science / Space / Astronomy books
Isaac Asimov's Library of the Universe

Here is a lot of 19 astronomy and space-themed books by Isaac Asimov. The books are:

Space Spotter's Guide Space Garbage The Solar System The Birth & Death of Stars
How was the Universe Born? Uranus: The Sideways Planet Science Fiction, Science Fact Our Milky Way & Other Galaxies
Quasars, Pulsars & Black Holes Is there life on other planets? Unidentified Flying Objects Saturn: The Ringed
Ancient Astronomy The Earth's Moon The Sun Jupiter: The Spotted Giant
Earth: Our Home Base The Asteroids Mercury: The Quick Planet

This lot of astronomy books introduces the student to space and planets and are fully illustrated. Each book contains stunning full-color artwork or photography, an index and a glossary of key terms and concepts, a "fact file" of space and scientific facts, an "unexplained mysteries" section, and names of planetariums, museums and other places where children can learn more about space and astronomy.

The lot weighs about 13 pounds. The books are in very good condition and don't appear to have any marks or writing inside and no rips or tears. Some look like they haven't even been opened.

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