50 OZ


This is a nice soap-opera guide, large and hardcover with lush color photos throughout. Both daytime and prime time soaps are included, arranged in alphabetical order by the show name. Each show has several pages devoted to it, and the text talks about both the behind-the-scenes production of the show and the story lines of the characters. The quality of the photos in each show's section is great. There are indices in the back with Emmy winners (up to that point, 1991), fan-club addresses, studio addresses, etc. Nice book, nice guide.

This is a real treasure for the soap fan. This is one of my all-time favorite soap books and by far my favorite among the encyclopedia-like books on soaps. I think it's worth getting just for the magnificent pictures alone (most of them large color pictures). My only regret is that this book doesn't exist in an updated 2009 edition. This coffee table book includes forewords by actors Marcy Walker and Macdonald Carey, a short history of the soap genre, in depth presentations of every major TV soap on daytime as well as prime time (up to 1991 when the book was published) including information on every pivotal storyline and backstage tidbits, short presentations of soaps that weren't considered a hit, and additional information such as Emmy nominees and winners (1971-1989), fan club and studio addresses etc. The only thing missing, in my opinion, is a list of the ratings, which would have been nice to have as well. Get this book if you can! I don't think you'll be disappointed.