WE ARE THE MANY: A Picture Book of American Indians by Doreen Rappaport, Cornelius Van Wright (Illustrator).
"A disease brought by white explorers had wiped out Tisquantum's people..."

level: Ages 4-8

Hardcover: 32 pages

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Publisher: HarperCollins; 1st edition (September 1, 2002)

Language: English

ISBN: 0688165591

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From School Library Journal: Grade 2-4-In 13 double-page chapters, 16 people are brought to light. One incident from each person's life is re-created, giving a quick, snapshot-style view of the individual's contribution to the world. Arranged in chronological order, the profiles begin with Tisquantum, known also as Squanto, and close with Alexie, a Navajo poet and novelist born in 1966. Students might be familiar with a few subjects (Maria Tallchief, Wilma Mankiller, Sacajawea, Jim Thorpe), but most will be new. The text is large, and sentences are

accessible to emerging readers. Each section is uniform-a colorful painting depicting the scene takes up a little over half of the spread, with the narrative beside it. There is some fictionalizing-Ko-watsi'tsi‚-ni's "-knees trembled as she walked toward the door"-but it is limited and does not detract from the overall worth of the title. The biographies are too short for reports but will spark children's interest. This title is perfect for Native American units.

From BOOKLIST: K-Gr. 3. From Tisquantum and the Pilgrims to a Navaho code-breaker in WW II to contemporary writer Alexie, this collective biography introduces 13 famous Native Americans from several nations. For each profile, there is a page of brief text opposite a handsome watercolor painting. Although the author and artists provide full notes about their research and discuss the difficulty of finding facts without written records and photographs, their solution of "recreating one moment" from each person's life often blurs fact and fiction and is decidedly unsatisfactory as a model for kids' own research and critical thinking. The imagined episodes are most useful when there is direct information available, as in the��� description of Maria Tallchief's performance of the Nutcracker. But then why not just use direct facts and quotes for people like Tallchief and the Cherokee leader Wilma Mankiller, who have written first-person accounts? After each imagined moment, there is a very brief biographical note; that and the source notes and Web sites to further research, as well as the fine illustrations, will make this useful, especially since there is so little else available on the subject for this age group.

Book Description:

  • A dedicated doctor drives her horse through a blinding snowstorm to tend a child sick with pneumonia.

· An athlete, lagging behind, pumps his arms and flies past his competitors in the 1,500-meter race, to win an Olympic gold medal.

· In a tangled jungle in the South Pacific, an American marine baffles Japanese code breakers with an ingenious code based on the Navajo language.

· Susan La Flesche Picotte, Jim Thorpe, and William McCabe are just three of the distinguished American Indians you will meet in this book.-

· Acclaimed author Doreen Rappaport re-created one dramatic moment in each person's life to give you a glimpse of their incredible accomplishments. Each portrait has been thoroughly researched and is beautifully evoked by noted artists Ying-Hwa Hu and Cornelius Van Wright.

Beginning with Tisquantum teaching the Pilgrims how to survive in a new land and ending 370 years later with Alexie writing a poem, this book provides young readers with a fresh, exciting first took at the great history and culture of American Indians.

Card catalog description: A collection of short, illustrated biographies of sixteen influential Native Americans, from Tisquantum, who helped the Pilgrims survive the winter of 1622, to Sherman Alexie, a contemporary poet, novelist, and screenwriter.

About the Author: Doreen Rappaport is known for her ground-breaking approach to multicultural history and stories for young readers. In her many award-winning books, she brings attention to not-yet-celebrated Americans, along with well-known figures. A former teacher of music and reading, Doreen knows how to capture children's attention. Her dynamic formats engage even the most reluctant readers.

Martin's Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is an Orbis Pictus Honor Book, Coretta Scott King Honor Book, Caldecott Honor Book for Illustration, ALA Notable Book, and is on the Blue Ribbon list of the Bulletin Center for Children’s Books. Her newest book, We Are The Many: A Picture Book of American Indians, introduces the accomplishments of sixteen distinguished American Indians. Her classic Escape From Slavery presents the history of the Underground Railroad through adventure stories. The Boston Coffee Party introduces children to a neglected event in history books and shows the active roles played by women during the Revolutionary War.

Over next two years, HarperCollins will publish Doreen's Off to America: A Picture Book of Jewish Americans; Victory or Death: Stories of the American Revolution, and United No More: Stories of the Civil War, the latter two co-authored with Joan Verniero.

Introducing the history and culture of American Indians, April 30, 2003

From Tisquantum teaching the Pilgrims how to survive a harsh winter in the New World to Alexie writing a poem, "We Are the Many" presents young readers with the stories of sixteen American Indians. The mix is between those who have made their way into your standard American history textbook, such as guide Sacajawea and athlete Jim Thorpe, and new faces, such as the Seminole warrior Asiyahola and ballerina Maria Tallchief. It is clear that Doreen Rappaport and illustrators Cornelius Van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu and interested in expanding the notion of the American Indian held by young readers with the first two selections. They should recognize the story of Tisquantum, usually called Squanto in the history books, but then there is the story of Konwatsi'tsienni, the Mohawk woman who was known as Molly Brant as the wife of an English husband and who helped British soldiers and American loyalists during the American Revolution. That story should certainly open up the eyes of young readers. Each two-page spread presents a dramatic moment from that person's life intended to give the reader a sense of their incredible accomplishments. The artwork is based on historical research. For most of these people two names are provided, their Indian name and the new names given them by white people (e.g., Watha Huck and Jim Thorpe). This book is aimed at the 5-9 age group and should be a bit hit. The back of the volume includes a Pronunciation Guide and additional sources for further research. I just wish there were twice as many American Indians pictured in "We Are the Many," because by the time you finish this book you have to realize you are only beginning to explore such stories.

Synopsis: A collection of short, illustrated biographies of sixteen influential Native Americans, from Tisquantum, who helped the Pilgrims survive the winter of 1622, to Sherman Alexie, a contemporary poet, novelist, and screenwriter.
Details: Illustrator: Cornelius Van Wright, Ying-Hwa Hu
Size:Length:28 pages.

Height:10.3 in. Width:8.3 in. Thickness: 0.5 in.Weight:12.0 oz.

Doreen Rappaport,

Edition: 1

Publisher: Harpercollins Childrens Books

Edition Description: Illustrated

ISBN-10: 0688165591

Category: Biography & Memoir

Format: Hardcover

Biography & Autobiography / Cultural Heritage

Publication Year: 2002.


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