Sexy tights pantyhose in black color.
This must be a great costume accessory for you.
Wearing the pantyhose will make you feel more self-confident and charming.
Sexy pantyhose is perfect for wearing in spring or winter can make the pure perfection completely express out and get you noticed.
With the flexibility and body sculpting resistance, this sexy pantyhose is comfortable and washable for your daily wearing.
Innovative and stylish design, it is comfortable to touch and wear.

Material: 12% Spandex + 88% Nylon
Color: Black
Height: 150-180cm
Hip Girth: 80-110cm
Total size: 94cm (L) x 72cm (Inseam) x 46cm (Waist Girth)

Package Included:

1 x Sexy Pantyhose

How to Maintain Silk Socks and Stockings:

Proper care will prolong the lifetime of your socks
Put your new socks in the refrigerator for one or two days, then take it out, and leave it for one day, the toughness of the socks can be strengthed in this way
You need to wash your socks in warm water using mild or delicate soap by hand. Please keep them away from chlorine, bleach, fabric softeners.
Hang socks in the open air and keep it away from direct heat and sunlight. Do not wring or twist the socks
When they are broken, you can use seccotine and nail polish to the head of the broken silk to avoid further damage.


Socks are not high temperature resistant, please take them off when you prepare for your mail in the kitchen in order to avoid stove, oven and other high-temperature
You do not need to put repellent, mothball etc.. You just need it cleaning and airing
This advice fit for most nylon socks

Features :

* Condition : 100% Brand New & Packed.
* Warranty : 6 months.

* FREE Registered Air Mail to Worldwide (5 - 15 business days)

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