My Coven and I are offering you a powerful SEXUAL SUCCUBUS ORGY SPELL for your immense pleasure! If you have ever fantasized about group sex or having MULTIPLE sexual partners at once, this powerful spell is for YOU. Every single one of these succubi will be competing for your pleasure all at once! They will all be seeking to pleasure you and only you! You should express your fantasies. Do not spend any more time without accessing your sexual orgy fantasy!

Every single one of them will be there to pleasure you!

This spell will summon 7 or more sexual succubi (succubi is the plural of succubus). The multiple succubi will take the form of various types of women. Whichever types of women you desire will be there for you. This is the best spell if you desire to have multiple partners at once. The energy will be palpable. Do not doubt your desires. This is your chance. DO NOT take this opportunity lightly.

Most people ignore their sexual needs. The modern world wants us to keep our sexual desires inside ourselves. Your sexual needs are important to your psychic health. You will see those needs met with this Succubus threesome summoning spell. We will cast this spell three times for you. Trust me, you will be sexually pleasured.

You will be OVERWHELMED by the amount of sexual activity this will provide!

This will be more than you're expecting!

Have MULTIPLE women at once!

Have multiple orgasms while they moan for you!

Do not ignore your inner spiritual-sexual nature. Our modern lives and technology suppress our most inner desires and natures. Do not be a victim to the overlords any longer! You should feel the immense pleasure that only a Succubus threesome can give

This is PROFOUND erotic pleasure!

Every one of them will be there to make you shake with pleasure!

This spell can be cast upon you or ANY person of your choosing! If someone you know is in need of magick intervention, this will help!

This is your chance to experience an AUTHENTIC spell casting!

Feel the power of MULTIPLE Succubi!

This is a Gray Magick spell and no harm will come to you. I will cast an additional protection spell just for safety. My coven have become very skilled in helping others summon multiple sexual partners. You will not believe how successful this spell can be!

They will cause you to climax SO MANY times!

This spell works directly on whoever you wish it cast upon. Do not doubt the spell’s ability to bring your own, unique Succubus lovers to you. If you desire to be sexually satisfied on a constant basis, this will help you. I have helped HUNDREDS with their troubles. Now is my chance to help you!

You can pick your date that this spell needs to be completed. You will get an email from my Coven and I letting you know when the spell has been complete.

There are no amulets or totems necessary for this spell.

Once purchased I will message you and get the details that we will need from you.

 There is no item that will be shipping from us - this is a casting.

Please note that all of my sales are private, so you will remain anonymous. I value all of my customers and will do everything to make sure you have a pleasant experience with my paranormal items! I also want you to know that your vessels are packaged with care. They are wrapped in bubble wrap if they are breakable. I don't want anything to happen to any spirit vessel. If you feel that a certain spirit is calling to you or you may notice you are being drawn back to a certain one, then make no mistake as you may just be the one they are searching for. Do not be afraid to message me as I am flexible, and I will work with you on prices as well. 
Please make payment within 3 days of the listing ending unless other arrangements have been made.
Per policy, I must state that I am not to be held responsible for any paranormal occurrences that may or may not happen. Each person experiences things differently and in a different manner. You must be 18 years old to purchase. Item sold as-is. You are bidding on an actual item. These items should never be used in replace of any medical needs. You are bidding on a tangible item.

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