My Coven and I are offering you a powerful ULTIMATE BLACK MAGICK PENIS GROWTH SPELL! This spell will IMMENSELY BOOST the size and girth of your penis to results that will blow your mind. The way this works is that this spell GREATLY excites growth hormones that are dormant in your body from puberty. The Black Magick directs the hormones to your genital area which boosts growth to intense levels. Blood will rush to your penis during this process.

You will be ASTOUNDED by the results!

I also offer Gray Magick and White Magick penis enlargement spells, but just know that Black Magick is much faster acting than the others. You will experience results sooner if this Magick type lines up with your dark or beast-like personality!

This spell uses ACTIVE Black Magick to rush blood to your penis. You will feel more confident and masculine! Just know, this spell will make you want to have sex ALL the time because you will be so proud of your increased size. This is also an hourly cast spell. We will be casting this spell once an hour for 12 hours a day for 10 days STRAIGHT! In the end, you will be getting 120 TIMES the power of a normal Black Magick penis growth spell!

You will be unbelievably large!

Picture yourself beyond the size you've always wanted!

People will think you have a python!

Show all the women who you REALLY are!

Do not ignore your inner spiritual-sexual nature. Our modern lives and technology suppress our most inner desires and natures. Do not be a victim to the overlords any longer! You SHOULD indulge and give yourself the size you've always desired. 

You will be visible through your pants!

Your bulge will be enormous!

This spell can be cast upon you or ANY person of your choosing! If someone you know is in need of magick intervention, this will help!

This is your chance to experience an AUTHENTIC spell casting!

Every time you see your member, you will want to show it off to everyone!

This is a Black Magick spell and so I will cast an additional White Magick protection spell just for safety. My coven have become highly skilled in helping others increase their penis length and girth to profound levels. Your results will be beyond what you're even expecting!

Be prepared to look down and be in disbelief!

This spell works directly on whoever you wish it cast upon. Do not doubt the spell’s ability to bring you the growth and size BEYOND what you've always wanted. If you desire to walk in a room and make EVERY woman turn their head, this will give you that. I have helped HUNDREDS with their troubles. Now is my chance to help you!

You can pick your date that this spell needs to be completed. You will get an email from my Coven and I letting you know when the spell has been complete.

There are no amulets or totems necessary for this spell.

Once purchased I will message you and get the details that we will need from you.

 There is no item that will be shipping from us - this is a casting.

Please note that all of my sales are private, so you will remain anonymous. I value all of my customers and will do everything to make sure you have a pleasant experience with my paranormal items! I also want you to know that your vessels are packaged with care. They are wrapped in bubble wrap if they are breakable. I don't want anything to happen to any spirit vessel. If you feel that a certain spirit is calling to you or you may notice you are being drawn back to a certain one, then make no mistake as you may just be the one they are searching for. Do not be afraid to message me as I am flexible, and I will work with you on prices as well. 
Please make payment within 3 days of the listing ending unless other arrangements have been made.
Per policy, I must state that I am not to be held responsible for any paranormal occurrences that may or may not happen. Each person experiences things differently and in a different manner. You must be 18 years old to purchase. Item sold as-is. You are bidding on an actual item. These items should never be used in replace of any medical needs. You are bidding on a tangible item.

See my other listings for more great items!

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