This is an Art Nouveau Val Saint Lambert Bonbonnière vanity box. It was designed by prominent Belgian Jeweler and artist Phillipe Wolfers (1858 - 1929). He collaborated with Val Saint Lambert to create nineteen crystal pieces, including this one, between 1896 and 1903.

Both lid and bowl were blow molded with a layer of amethyst (purple) glass followed by a second layer of clear crystal. The floral iris pattern on the lid was then created by wheel cutting away the background (cut to clear). The result is a bright purple raised iris flower & foilage with a matte clear crystal background. This was done in the style of Cameo Glass.They also cut away some of the amethyst on the bottom bowl piece giving it a two tone appearance (see photos). As you can see, a lot of skilled artisan hand work went into the creation of this item.

Dimensions: 3 7/8" diameter X 1 7/8" tall with lid.

Condition is outstanding with no cracks or chips. There is some table wear on the bottom rim that the piece sits on. The larger central part of the bottom is a pristine concave surface surrounded by this rim. 

Signed Val St Lambert on the concave portion of the base. This is also some writing on the bottom rim that is partially obscured by table wear. I was not able to decipher (see photo)

Val Saint Lambert is a Belgian Crystal manufacturer, founded in 1826. Val Saint Lambert is well known for its Art Nouveau & Art Deco quality piece's. Their creations can be found in Museum & Private collections throughout the world.