• Suitable for Pondmaster Pumps up to 200 GPH output
  • Small Adjustable Bell (Mushroom) Pattern
  • Includes Two 7" Extensions
  • Accept 1/4" male pipe threaded outlet
  • Easy to Install

The Pondmaster Mini Belle Fountain Head Kit is compatible with Pondmaster 80-190 GPH Pumps. It has a small adjustable bell (mushroom) pattern and the fountain tube will fit most pumps with 1/4" male pipe threads or 1/2" OD barbed nozzles. Plus, the bell shape of the fountain resists wind, keeping your fountain looking pristine. You can add the extension tube and coupling included with the Pondmaster Mini Belle Fountain Head Kit to elevate the fountainhead above water level if necessary. This fountain head is extremely simple to install and will increase the beauty of your pond.