Via Pre-Treatment 15 ml

Designed for the treatment of natural eyelashes before the extension procedure

  • Value: 15 ml.
  • Aroma: Rose, Lotus, Green tea, Mango

Via Primer 15 ml.

Designed to process artificial eyelashes before the extension procedure for faster fixation of artificial eyelashes with natural

  • Value: 15 ml.

Via Oil Remover 15ml.

Provides gentle, partial removal of eyelash extensions. Remover removes eyelashes in 5 minutes. Oil remover is ideal for correction.

  • Value: 15 ml.
  • Liquid

Via ??? Remover Extra 15ml.

Remover gel for eyelash removal quickly dissolves glue. At the same time, the gel remover has a pleasant smell. A significant advantage of the remover for removing eyelashes is that it does not leave white marks.

  • Value: 15 ml.
  • has a pleasant smell
  • leaves no white residue

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