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Important: There is a mistaken idea that there are only 9 levels of hell. There are many more levels that are slowly being revealed.

The misinformation about 9 levels is based on a famous poem, titled The Inferno, by Dante.   As master spellcasters, we don't get our information from poems, we get information from the Demon Gods themselves.


Seeker, You Have Found IT!


Demon Crown Prince from the
13th level of Hell

& Money Love protection Spell
Master of dark forces
and vast Demon armies
Bringer of:
Real Power
Immense Wealth
Complete Freedom
Ultimate Protection
Passion, Pleasure, Sensuality
All the earthly delights
Magick Powers
And so much more!


This Elite Crown Prince can either be bound to a pendant 
or you can choose a direct binding. Let us know what you prefer.


All our spells and Spirits are 100% safe for you, your family, your pets, etc.



DEMON Crown Prince from 

the 13th LEVEL of HELL

And His


Because of our renown, we have now acquired a group of demons from the 13th level of hell.  Even for elder spellcasters like ourselves, this is quite an honor.

Each one of these most ancient royal demons offers the amazing gifts and powers we outline here.  We only have a limited amount of these entities of darkness and do not know if we will be graced with such an overwhelming phenomenon again. 

Today we are honored to present you with the opportunity to gain the service of an ancient and powerful Demon Crown Prince well versed in harnessing and wielding power.
This is your chance to bring this denizen of the dark realm under your control. You have an opportunity to use his hidden powers for your purposes: to meet your needs, to manifest that which you desire, whether it be wealth, worldly power, sensuality and passion, freedom from domination, protection, revenge, freedom from doubt and insecurity, or the release from any form of lack in your life.
Few would guess the extreme, truly limitless potential that lies tucked away in the amulet to which this crown prince is bound. Few would know that it is the vessel of a
commander of demon armies that have ridden unchecked for thousands of years.
Witness this One’s ancient eyes, dark orbs that have watched humankind in its frailty for millennia. The one who should own this piece will want nothing to do with frailty, but instead be on a path of personal strength, acquisition, and achievement. The fortunate owner of this vessel will attain influence in the world, respect and constant advancement in every aspect of his or her life, for this royal demon will
provide for his master.
Do not take this sale lightly. This is a serious matter. If you think this is a mere novelty, you will be making a serious mistake. Surely you noticed the word “demon.”
This is real power. It is not a toy. As a child you learned not to touch a hot stove. You would not now touch a hot stove heated by the fires of hell.
We rarely have encountered so great a force. To share in this unlimited power, you must be serious in your goals, sincere in your belief, and unwavering in your faith in this omnipotent demon. Disbelief is an indulgence of the weak, but certainty is the sword of the strong.
This demon is perfect for the person who desires:
Abundance of every kind. The truly powerful do not have to trouble themselves unduly to obtain abundance.  They naturally become rich in money, respect, success, romance, in all aspects of life.  If you attain the real power only a very potent demon can bestow, all this comes along with it.  
Influence over others. That would include friends, family members, co-workers, partners, and everyone else. You will no longer have to struggle to get your ideas across; after all, your ideas are the best ideas.
Acceptance comes not from intellectual superiority, (look at the stupid ideas that are accepted by people), but from force of personality. This Ancient One can guide you to accept and maximize your own sense of worth.  There will be a force field around you felt by others.  Believe me, people can smell power and when they do they become easy to handle, command, convince and control.
Passion and sensuality. We are of the earth and it is only right that we enjoy the delights of this realm. The possessor of this amulet will find that his or her romantic life will improve in both frequency and intensity. And you aren’t the only one who will notice!
Freedom from worry. Worry takes away power, therefore it must be defeated and destroyed.  Let this Demon Crown Prince h
you rid yourself of this useless indulgence by giving you all you need and want.
Luck. There is no substitute for being in the right place, at the right time, with the right knowledge. The secrets behind what it known to the uninitiated as “luck” will be revealed to you.
A secure destiny. Anyone would tire of being a victim of chance events, of being blown off course by circumstances they can’t control, of never achieving the future they envision. But you can decide where you are going, and you have the control over your life to actually get there. if you have an ally such as the Crown Prince t
o help guide and advise you and clear away—or if need be, demolish—all obstacles on your personal journey to the future.
The gift of seeing the future. The future is laid out plainly before those with the ability to see. The Ancient One pulls back the curtain of unknowing to show you what lies ahead.
The ability to take and hold what is yours. “MINE” is a beautiful word. Take what is yours. Go on; put your fingers around it. Make a fist and hold it firmly. Let no one take it from you as they have in the past. Never again feel that what was yours was stolen. Now, you do the taking.
Revenge really is sweet. None dare harm you now.  Curses, hexes, dark forces, demons: all negative energies against you will be destroyed.
Protection and Safety. These are troubled times. You would feel more secure if you were able to summon to your aid a thundering hoard of demon warriors riding to your aid with a Demon Crown Prince galloping
first in their rank, his flaming sword of vengeance raised in your defense. You must have the courage, the stomach, to wield this much power, and you will.
Intelligence and intuition. Imagine looking in The Ancient One's ageless eyes. It takes courage to even meet that unknowably wise and terrible gaze. Consider the experience, the learning that resides there. Imagine the ancient parchments He as
studied through the millennia. The hidden knowledge that must have been revealed to him!  What secrets he must know, the same secrets you would possess if you had lived since the stones were molten lava! You have but to demand this knowledge and it is yours.  When you have a hunch, it is your Demon Crown Prince giving you his advice.
Magick Powers.  There is no reason to lack for anything if you can manifest your wishes and desires at will.
Freedom to travel where you will, when you will.  Mere mortals cannot imagine the places he has been. You can feel that same limitless sense of freedom. The world is full of hidden corners you have never seen.
The door is open;
your future is waiting.





What we will mail you:


If you want a jewelry vessel instead of a direct binding, then we will bind this Spirit Companion to a new, attractive pendant that can be worn around the neck with a chain or simply kept nearby.  It is suitable for men or women to wear, and was chosen by Spirit as the perfect vessel for this magick.

A growing number of spirit keepers are requesting to have their spirits directly bound to them. There are several advantages to this: There is no talisman to risk getting lost, and no worry of damaging it. And for some people, a direct binding provides an even more intimate bonding with a Spirit Companion.  

Let us know which you would prefer. If we don't hear from you we will assume you want the pendant.



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It is not necessary to wear the talisman as long as it is kept in a place where you regularly spend time. Many place it near the bed to bond with your subconscious body-mind.  Others carry it in a pocket or purse, place it on their altar, or on their desk, for instance. 

You do not need to do anything to activate the magick.  No rituals or rites are needed by you, because we have done them all. 


All you need to do is stay positive and understand that no spells by any spellcaster work immediately.  All Magick, no matter what others may say, usually grows stronger over time as the energies bond to you.


All our spells and Spirits are 100 % safe for you, your family, your pets, etc.


We take special care to include an added Psychic Protection Spell in all of our spells.


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