This is a JJ company brooch, pin which is marked on the back. JJ is a registered trademark that stands for Jonette Jewelry Company. JJ closed their doors in 2006. Their jewelry has become even more desirable to find now. JJ Co. is known for it's whimsical style and quality of workmanship.

The brooch is a chalkboard with Geometry equations. Their are dangling charms which include a calculator, ruler, math book, pencil and an apple for your favorite teacher.

 Approximate measurements of the chalkboard are 1.5" wide" X 1.25" high. From the top of the chalkboard to the bottom of the longest charm which is the ruler is approximately 2.5" long. The charms measurements (not including the rings) are as follow:

calculator = 1/4"
ruler = 1"
math book = 3/4"
pencil = 7/8"
apple = 1/4"

The Pin back is attached by one screw or brad. The clasp is tight when you open or close it, it sticks a little. The face or front has a couple of very light, faint scratches. It's still in over-all good condition considering it's vintage age which I believe to be in the 80's.


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