Even though video killed the radio star, we totally love the 80s! A decade of big hair, synth pop, cassettes and fashion that still influences the runway today. Cheeuh! We also love the tech-inspired, slightly gaudy electronics from this time period, so we had sweet dreams of creating our own take on an 80s entertainment system. Introducing the sweet child of ours: the Crosley Eclipse. The Eclipse is a complete 3-speed turntable audio system right out of the box. Just plug and play your favorite 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM vinyl records, cassettes, AM/FM radio stations and CDs. Because technology has improved a little bit in the past 30 years, you can also play music loaded on an SD card, thumb drive and stream your digital music thanks to a built-in Bluetooth receiver.  We even included a remote control for you to use when you’re dancing in the dark. Of course, you can make mix tapes as well. Shipping, insurance, and warranty are included(lower 48 states only) with the buy it now price. We have been selling online since 1999 and appreciate your business.