Cokin Original A Series Creative Filter - A061 Spot-Incolor 2

A061 Spot-Incolor 2 - The Cokin Incolor Center Spot filters have a clear spot in the center and allow for the portrayal of an object in diffused surroundings. This filter comes in two grades: #1 (060) and #2 (061), with the 061 having a greater effect. The sharpness of the hole’s edges will depend on the aperture : the smaller the aperture, the sharper the hole’s edges will be, and vice-versa. Density 1. Light reduction = 0.33 Stops. 


Original Cokin Filter. Used but in good condition.

In original hard plastic protective case (as shown in photo).

Price includes UK postage. International shipping at cost.

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What are Cokin Filters?

Only a few years ago, photographers and videographers were asking for special effect filters. Today, they ask for COKIN filters.

The Cokin Creative Filter System adds to your images in ways that simply cannot be recreated in photo editing software after the picture is taken. 

Cokin System Explained.

This system is a range of holders, adaptors and filters.

Most filters are square or rectangular, rectangular filters are usually graduated, and can be slid to get the graduation you require, for example correcting exposure for skies, or adding a colour effect to a  part of the scene. The holder can also hold some that need to rotate, for example circular polarisers.

Filter systems come in different sizes, to fit different widths of lenses. 

To use the system you need a holder, and there are several to choose from, including additional holders that can be stacked, an adaptor ring, this is used to connect the holder to the filter ring size of your choice. You can have more than one of these so it can be used with different lenses or use one larger size and step up rings to convert to this size and whatever filters you want to use.