Deneen Pottery








Ferry Point House


(now The Lake House at Ferry Point) 



Lake Winnisquam


Sanborton, New Hampshire







Midnight Blue Glaze Round Belly Shaped (10 Ounce) Mug









Extremely Fine Condition


(No Chips, Cracks, Hairlines or Restorations)






Deneen Pottery was started in St. Paul Minnesota in 1972 by Peter Deneen.  It closed temporarily (due to financial pressures) in 1988 but restarted in 1991. It continues today.  The great bulk of its production is devoted to high quality advertising stoneware mugs for Bed and Breakfasts nationwide, utilizing its proprietary glaze engraving method.


A short drive from Laconia, the Lake House at Ferry Point is the only lakefront bed and breakfast in New Hampshire's Lakes region.  Quiet, scenic and idyllic views of Lake Winnisquam abound.