Fleck 5600SXT Digital Filter Valve Psalm 78:15 He split the rocks in the desert and gave them water as abundant as the seas;
Digital Controller with LCD Display
Setup for Filter Systems
Not for water softener, backwash filter only. See other listings for softener valves
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Features Fleck 5600SXT Filter Valve
  • Digital Controller
  • LCD Display
  • Adjustable Cycles
  • Battery Backup
  • Time OR Day Based Backwash
  • Fits Standard Tanks
  • Comes with 1" pilot opening for riser tube
  • Includes Transformer & Flow Controls
  • 5 year warranty
  • 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Easy Installation & Setup
  • Service Manual
  • Detailed Instructions available on our web site
  • Free Phone and/or email Tech Support after the sale
  • Full Customer support before, during & after the sale! Just call 1-785-735-9769

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Details Frequently Asked Questions

Fleck 5600SXT digital control valve with timer operation for replacing or upgrading the current valve on most filter tank systems.

Digital controller provides a top-of-the-line experience with more efficiency and control than mechanical heads.

LCD display shows important information and makes user interaction simple. Easy to use interface simplifies programming and makes setting up a breeze!

Adjustable cycles allow complete control over the system, allowing you to fine tune each setting to get the most out of your system.

Internal Backup maintains the correct time and prevents loss of settings in the event of a power outage.

Time OR Day based backwashing allows you to backwash the system after any given number of days OR on specific day(s) of the week.

Standard size mounting base has 2-1/2" - 8 NPSM threads that fit most standard softening tanks. Simply unscrew your old head and screw the new one on!

Includes transformer for connecting to standard 110v outlet as well as flow controls on the brine and drain lines. Some "bargain" control valves do not include these key components. Note: Please specify the size of tank being used when ordering to ensure proper flow control sizing.

5-Year manufacturers warranty ensures your new valve will function as it should, or it will be repaired or replaced. Backed by Fleck, you can rest assured there will always be someone there if you ever need them.

Simple installation makes replacing your existing head quick and easy! Available yoke connection is simple and cost effective for homes with a bypass loop in place, and available bypass valve connects right to the system making future service and maintenance as simple as turning a valve.

Service Manual - Complete service manual is included with every system and shows basic installation and setup instructions, as well service guidelines and parts schematics. Comprehensive instructions available on our website for detailed installation and setup instructions.

NOTE: This valve DOES NOT include a bypass or yoke connection. If replacing an existing Fleck 5600 or 2510 series valve your existing bypass or yoke can be used. If replacing any other control valve a yoke or bypass will need to be purchased separately.

Q. What control head do I need?
Control heads come in 2 common styles, filter valves and softener valves. Filter valves are used on systems that do not require any chemicals or additives in the backwash cycle and include systems such as carbon tanks and pH neutralizers. Softener valves are used on systems that draw in a chemical or brine solution to rejuvenate the media such as water softeners. Please ensure you are purchasing the correct valve for your system type.

Q. What are the differences in the Fleck models 5600, 5600SXT, 2510, 2510SXT, and 7000 control heads?
The Fleck 5600 is your basic mechanical control valve. It does it's job in the most cost effective way possible. The valves used for filter systems operate on a 12-day timer, regenerating at the preset number of days. This head is ideal if you are looking for the lowest cost option.
The Fleck 2510 is a larger mechanical control head that offers higher backwash capabilities than the 5600. Generally used on systems that require high backwash flow rates (larger systems and most iron filters) that the 5600 is unable to provide. Setup is similar to the 5600 with operation based on a 12-day timer, it also features a pin system that allows for some adjustment of the backwash cycles.
The Fleck 5600SXT works similar to the standard 5600 but uses a digital interface instead of a mechanical one. This makes setup easier, and with the digital control it can be easily adjusted to any number of days, as well as the option of backwashing based on the day of the week. Due to the digital controller, the system takes less time and uses less water to backwash than the standard mechanical head The other advantage the 5600SXT has is adjustable cycles, while in most cases these settings won't need to be adjusted, with the 5600SXT the option is there should you ever need it.
The Fleck 2510SXT offers the same digital advantages as the 5600SXT and uses the same controller. Built on the same base valve as the 2510 it offers the stronger backwash required for larger systems and most iron filters the 5600SXT can't provide.
The Fleck 7000 uses controls similar to the 5600SXT with all the same digital features. The 7000 control is designed as a high flow head, capable of flow rates up to 35gpm, as compared to the 20gpm of the 5600 & 5600SXT models, so it offers minimal flow reduction in larger homes. Additionally, it is a modular design, simply remove the retaining screw and the main components slide apart, making any required maintenance or cleaning a breeze!

Fleck 5600SXT Specifications‡
Valve Specifications Dimensions
Valve Material Fiber reinforced polymer Distributor Pilot 0.8125" or 1.05" O. D.
Inlet/Outlet 3/4" or 1"
(On bypass or yoke)
Drain Line 1/2" NPTF
Cycles 5 Brine Line 1600 - 3/8"
Flow Rates (50psi Inlet) - Valve Alone?* Mounting Base 2-1/2" - 8 NPSM
Continuous (15psi drop) 20GPM Height From Top of Tank 7-1/2"
Peak (25psi drop) 26GPM Typical Applications
CV (1psi drop) 5GPM Water Softener 6" - 12" diameter
Max. Backwash (25psi drop) 7GPM Filter System 8" - 10" diameter
Regeneration Additional Information
Downflow/Upflow Both Injector Brine System 1600
Adjustable Cycles Yes Estimated Shipping Weight Time clock - 6lbs.
Metered - 7lbs.
Time Available Up to 199 minutes per cycle Electrical Rating† 24v, 50Hz, 60Hz
Meter Information Max VA 8.4
Meter Accuracy Range 0.25 - 15gpm +/- 5% Pressure Hydrostatic: 300psi
Working: 20 - 125psi
Meter Capacity (Gal.) 1 - 60,000 Temperature 34° - 110°
*Maximum flow rate shown is the maximum the valve is capable of, maximum service flow rates will vary depending on system type & size
†Standard setup is 60Hz, other setups may be available at an additional charge
‡Specs shown are general specifications for the head and some specs may not be applicable, depending on system configuration
Bypass Valve Yoke Connection Fleck 5600
Fleck Bypass Valve Fleck Yoke Connection Fleck 7000
High quality stainless steel bypass for use with Fleck 2510 & 5600 series valves. Simple in/out yoke connection for use with Fleck 2510 & 5600 series valves. Same digital features as the 5600SXT with modular design for simple mainteance and high flow valve for minimal flow restriction.
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