* ~ * CHARGED Double Terminated AMETHYST Crystal Point Pendant Pendulum * ~ *


 .925 Sterling Silver Necklace

Wonderful for Protection, Healing, or even Dowsing...

Amethyst is also very helpful in restoring balance plus it's great for work with heart, third eye & crown chakras & helps improve intuition & psychic abilities. This pendant has a rotating top so it is also technically a pendulum & can be used for dowsing. 

Handmade double terminated AMETHYST crystal point, held in a simple silver band attached to rotating top & bale. The pendant is approx 2" with the bale & weighs 5.25g.

Amethyst is a protective & healing stone which is said to increase spiritual awareness, psychic abilities, intuition, creativity; while also promoting inner peace. Amethyst is often helpful with positive transformation, meditation, balance & also helps to relieves stress! 

Amethyst is a powerful crystal; known for it's protective & healing qualities. Not only does it relieve stress & strain, but also aids in balancing mood swings & soothes irritability. Amethyst is a protective stone which is also very helpful in riding one's self of negative energy. Wear or carry Amethyst with you to protect yourself by dispelling anger, rage, fear & anxiety. For ages Amethyst has been associated with the heart chakra & healing since it assists in alleviating sadness grief, & overall negativity. Amethyst has also been known as the "sobriety" stone for ages, since it attracts energies of stability, peace, calm, balance, courage & inner strength. 

Spiritual healers say that Physically, Amethyst assists in healing withdrawal symptoms from any sort of addiction. Amethyst helps with overall pain relief, but more specifically aids in healing & provides relief of symptoms associated with circulatory system issues, endocrine system problems, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, immune system deficiencies, & arthritis. Many say that Amethyst can cure headaches as well as insomnia. To sum it up, Amethyst is widely used for healing of the heart chakra, body, mind & soul. Amethyst is said to increase spiritual awareness, psychic abilities, intuition, creativity & promote inner peace. Amethyst is very helpful with positive transformation, meditation, balance & also relieves stress! 

I am very passionate about crystals & feel lucky I have been able to help spread the beauty & healing abilities of these amazing crystals & jewelry. I personally make or pick out each piece from the people who made it. I ensure every piece is respected, treated with love, & care. Before shipping to you I also make sure to clear all energies & charge the crystals. Please take note that as with any natural creation there may be some slight size or color variation, as well as inclusions, pits or tiny cracks - these give the stones personality just like us -they are imperfect in their perfect nature! It is my pleasure to be able to do this as a business & pass on these amazing "gems" to others. Please feel free to email me with any questions. I am always willing to combine shipping for multiple items as well -  Buy 3 or more items  & get FREE SHIPPING! 

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