University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (UNC) is the school of choice here in my house! Thus, I have designed and sold a few of these Tarheel wreaths to parents and also many students who love to hang them on their dorm wall to show the love they have of their university. Those drab dorm rooms with their painted cinder blocks are not so appealing. Let this handmade Carolina Wreath add some zip to your dorm wall or apartment wall. Everyone will comment on it, plus, it's a wonderful conversation starter!
This UNC wreath is on the lighter Carolina Blue side. There is less navy in this wreath than the other wreath up for sale right now. Its just a matter of preference.


Each wreath is handmade. All the fabrics are carefully selected to make the most of the color scheme of each individual wreath. I prefer to make each wreath as its own as possible, but if you see one you like, I may be able to repeat it exactly if you desire.
I also select ribbon I feel will coordinate perfectly with the feeling of each wreath. All ribbon is edged with a no fray product to keep the ends from raveling as much as possible. If you find that some ribbon edges are looking old, just clip them slightly to give a fresh look, but as I stated, it should not be necessary to do so.
Wreaths are all approximate in size; 16" diameter by 3" depth.
Hangs easily anywhere on a nail or even a 3M Command hook which are great for dorms.
Perfect on your front door on game days! Show your allegiance to your school!
Lightweight wreath is easy to store flat or hung.