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Please Note: If you have any questions about placing an order, please contact us BEFORE purchase. Be sure to select the correct color, pattern or size and enter the correct information at checkout. We do not make any changes to orders based on order notes. We do not change colors or sizes based on order notes. We do not change shipping address based on order notes. If you need the order shipped to an alternate address please enter that address at checkout. In order to avoid mistakes and assure your order is delivered in a timely manner, It is dependent on you the buyer to enter the correct information at checkout.

We are human, from time to time we make mistakes. If for whatever reason there is an issue with your order such as an item arriving damaged or we send you the wrong item, we will adhere to's recommended returns procedure, the incorrect/damaged item will need to be returned first no matter the reason before we send a replacement or refund, we will provide prepaid return labels if the items are damaged or incorrect.



INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AVAILABLE (Price varies by country, costs should be displayed and accurate.)


Attention Buyers: Shipping is free, but it does not include re-shipping an item due to buyer mistakes. If a shipment is returned because of a mistake we made we will gladly reship it, but if the mistake is on the buyers end such as forgetting an apartment number or not being available to sign or receive a package or providing an old/incorrect address, buyer will have to pay to have an item re-shipped once it has been returned or shipping costs will be deducted from the refund if choosing to cancel the order for this reason. Please be advised some items such as hats are shipped in boxes to prevent them from being crushed, from time to time these packages may be too large for some mailboxes and usps may decide to leave a note for the recipient and hold their package at the local post office for recipient to claim, if it is not claimed within a week it will be returned.


***For combined shipping on international orders please contact me prior to making payment, If you make payment first I will not be able to provide you a partial refund later.

***Attention international buyers, delivery normally takes 12-15 business days not including weekends depending on the customs procedures in your country. Shipping is done using first class international shipping with the United States Postal Service, tracking information is automatically uploaded to the transaction details page. Tracking will only update while in the United States, After it has left the country tracking information will not update until after item has already been delivered, at which point you would have already received your item. Tracking will update as follows:

1-Electronic shipping info received

2-Shipment accepted

3-Shipment processed through sort facility

At this point shipping will no longer update while in transit until it arrives at final destination.