"Still Life with Butterflies"

signed by C K Chan (Chit King Chan)


This framed oil on board still life dates to the 1980's or 1990's.  It measures 8" wide by 10" high. It is in very fine condition. 

Here is some information on C K Chan

"Chit King Chan (1927-  ) was born in Fujian Province, China. He moved to Shanghai in his youth and was trained by master Zhang Chongren in painting, sculpting and calligraphy. In the 1950's, he moved to Hong Kong. There he was contracted by the Movieland Wax Museum of Los Angeles, California to construct models of famous movie stars of the time including John Wayne, Nancy Kwan and Humphrey Bogart. It was there that his artistic appreciation of Chinese paintings and Buddhist sculptures began. 

In the 1960's he moved to San Francisco, then to New York City where his interest in Buddhist sculptures continued to grow. He visited major museums in North America, Europe and Japan where he saw for the first time the grandeur of Chinese Buddhist arts. In the following decades, he painstakingly searched the corners of the globe and compiled his own private sculpture collection. In New York, his Chinese Gallery of Art on Madison Avenue and East 71st Street displayed his collection while well-known museum curators and Chinese arts dealers of the time often visited. 

In the 1980's, he devoted his time to exhibitions of his collection in Taiwan and writing a book on his Buddhist sculptures collection. In 1993, working with the Director of the Longmen Grotto's, Wen Yu Cheng, compiled a comprehensive history of the lost treasures of the Longmen caves and identified authentic Longmen artifacts in overseas public and private collections. He spent many months at the Longmen caves where he exhaustively searched for the original locations of some of his most important Buddhist heads. In 2003, he agreed to exhibit selected items from his collection in Beijing with the hope that some of China's national relics can return home to their rightful places.

He now lives in Hong Kong and continues to research and tend to his beloved Buddhist arts collection." 


He is listed in Findartinfo


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