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Ancient Roman Coin


Thessalonika, Macedon mint.



253-259 AD

Æ (Bronze) 23 mm, 5.14g. MACEDON, Thessalonika Mint.

Obverse:  AYT K OYA?EPIANOC (or similar) Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Valerian to right.
Reverse: ?ECC?????KE?N B N?( or similar) standing left holding palm over shoulder and small Kabeiros figure in outstretched right hand--The god Kabeiros is similar in appearance to Dionysos and the rites of his cult were likely similar to those of the Dionysian mysteries.

Ref. Moushmov 6863.  XF, olive golden patina.  EXTREMELY RARE! ~ no examples on coin archives, acsearch databases or wildwinds!


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