Fragment )o(f Nature 
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Vampires of the old
bloodline - very sexual
The vampire's hypnotic seduction is exhilarating. Just being in the presence of a true vampire is pure ecstasy.
Every part of your body craves touch. Your mind is racing, your senses are exploding ...
You cannot control this overwhelming feeling of longing!!!
It is unmistakable. It is the vampire's magnetic, alluring attraction.
Now you can experience this magnetism too.
It aligns your energies with the bloodline of the very first existing vampires.
These are not the weak, pale, powerless vampires you see in movies today.
They were the vampires with unlimited magical powers ...
This will help you in every area of ??your life and change your existence.
They are also beautiful!
They exude intoxicating power and animal magnetism.
Your words will come with strength. Your eyes will be hypnotic.
Magic is energetic and powerfully simple. Energy shaped and finely focused by the will of the experienced practitioner. Give this energy time to bring about and bring about the desired positive change.
As a thank you you will receive a little surprise from our coven !!!
Please tell me your name
and date of birth to
complete the ritual!!!
Please note :
 Please feel free to contact us for more information !!!
You receive your article as shown in the picture, you get for free a beautiful organza bag with a tree pendant, which symbolizes the tree of the life and is used to store your jewelry.
We hope you enjoy the exciting journey through the world of Magick...
We wish you all the best and a wonderful time...
Your coven Fragment)o(f Nature
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