Not like "ordinary" inverters, this grid tie inverter (also called '"plug and play" or "pluggable") lets you use the power you make from wind/solar/hydro at any time WITHOUT the need for batteries, and without having to jump through the 'hoops' for net metering! PLUS, you're using your own power at the retail rate (what you would have to pay the elec. company)! How cool is that!
You just put the DC power you produce from your chosen power source into the inverter, and plug the inverter into any outlet in your home, so the power you generate will make your electric meter run slower, because power is being supplied directly into your home power grid! This will result in LOWER electricity bills! Now you can OWN your power, not rent it! Shipping to US for flat rate noted, or for international orders call or email for rate.

This inverter is to be used with a 12V (10.8 - 30V) wind or hydro turbine, and has a diversion load connector for your diversion load (necessary for wind and hydro turbines as they have to put their excess power somewhere!). A diversion load can be a DC hot water heater element, resistors, or any induction load.

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