Thousands of Sharps Carbines fell into the hands of Confederate forces when the War began.  Many more were captured or collected on the battlefield.  The Confederate government was faced with production of its own ammunition for the excellent breech loader.  Early CS Sharps cartridges were copies of the old ring tail bullet, but as the War progressed the Richmond Laboratories adopted more advanced projectiles.  This bullet was culmination of that development and is almost identical to the bullet produced by the English cartridge maker, Ely.  


The bullet is .545 in diameter and weighs in at 510 grains.  It has a long heal designed to provide ample surface area for attachment of a paper or linen cartridge tube.  Both the Confederate and British Ely version utilized a paper cartridge with a folded tail.  An original Ely cartridge is shown below.


The mold is two cavity and includes its own handles, ready to start casting.


I recommend pure lead for this bullet, but some have had sucess with 20:1 lead/antimony alloy.


I can ship to most European countries and to New Zealand and Australia for $89 for one mold and $155 for two, shipping included.