2 Pair Foot Alignment Socks


The Answer for Aching Feet and Problem Toes Wear these soft, comfy foot alignment socks while you're relaxing, watching TV or while you sleep to help relieve the pain of hammertoes, bunions, plantar fasciitis and foot cramps. You'll love how good they feel, and you'll wake up relaxed and pain free. Machine wash.



Comfort and Rejuvenate Your Feet. Soft fluffy fabric hugs feet. Separates, stretches perfectly aligns toes. Provides instant relief from; Aches Pains, Hammertoes, Bunions, Foot Cramps, Ball of Foot Pain and more.  So comfort you can even sleep in them!



 Fits 5 - 13 shoe sizes.



Separates, stretches and perfectly aligns toes.



Provides instant relief from aches and pains, hammertoes, bunions, foot cramps, ball of foot pain and more