• Woman vegan loafer shoes made with organic cotton embroidered with black cotton heart design.

  • This comfort model has a low flat heel and a breathable and anti-allergy lining made with microfiber, also ecological, CO2 free manufacturing system.

  • The use of polish cream over its surface is not suitable.


Upper: Organic cotton blue embroidered with black cotton, a fresh material.

Lining: Breathable and anti-allergic microfiber, CO2 free manufacturing system.

Insole: Paperboard agglomerate, microfiber lined. Footbed not removable.

Heel: 2 cm/0.7 in height.

Outsole: Rubber.

Sizing: Regular shape, please choose your usual size. If you are a half size, please order up.

Made in Portugal

Material Composition: 100% Vegan - 0% Animal Exploitation

Keep and protect your nae products!

For Piñatex products we recommend a polishing cream. It must have the same color of the product and must be specific for the product as well. It will help to keep the original color and look;

For microfiber products, we recommend a damp cloth and a neutral soap, in cases of extreme dirty;

For cork products, we recommend a damp cloth.

Microfibers are made of: Polyester, Nylon and Cotton.

We only work with ecological microfibers with OEKO-TEX certified that guarantees that don't exist any waste of water or energy in its production.

Basically, they are lighter and more ecological with minimal waste.

It's the most versatile material to work, water resistant and fresh.

Microfibers are as tough as leather and less prejudicial to the environment.

Organic Cotton

Did you know that conventional cotton cultivation is the culprit in the use of one quarter of the insecticides all over the world?

And if we add the production process of fiber they account together for 10% of our planet’s total pollution?

And did you know that conventional cotton cultivation is one of the main water consumers?

The ethical alternative is the use of organic cotton.

No chemicals or synthetics are used in the cultivation and production process and the water used for growing the plant is only rain water.

Thus, this fabric becomes completely natural, sustainable and biodegradable.

The cotton which we work with has its origins in Brazil, it is coloring agent and toxic free, it is hypoallergenic and ideal for people with skin problems and who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS).

The health of the 150 farmers that work at the company is assured by labor certifications and by the project OCCGuarantee.

This project supports workers and entire families with the aim of generating local wealth, without intermediaries and without exploitation.

The farmers own their land and see their autonomy and stability assured.

Eco-Friendly, Animal-Friendly.

We make sure our products have no animal exploitation and that are also ecological. We believe in an ethical consumption that can really make a difference.

Made in Portugal.

Nae is a Portuguese shoes brand with a vegan philosophy that cares about the environment sustainability nae works with materials such as cork and another ecological microfibers, instead of leather. Why vegan shoes? Why not? We want to be an alternative for those who are looking for Portuguese and design shoes, that also presents a responsibility to our planet.

NAE Vegan Shoes

We are a Portuguese retail company that sells shoes for all over the world. With every pair we want to share our ideal of an ecologic and animal-friendly society. We have more than 10 years of experience providing good quality designer shoes with an ethical side.