Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige Qi-Charge Wet & Dry Electric Shaver


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  • Experience the world's closest electric shave

    With uncompromised skin comfort1
    The Philips Prestige glides smoothly over your skin, while cutting each hair exceptionally close - even on a 7-day beard. The result is smoothness that touches you, and closeness you can feel.
  • At-A-Glance

    • Blades with extra strong, sharp edges for ultimate closeness
    • Follow every contour, catching even difficult hairs
    • Rings coated with metallic pigments for superb gliding
    • Adapts 15x/sec for effortless shaving even on a 7-day beard
    • Fewer shaving passes for excellent skin comfort
    • Personalize your shave by choosing between three settings
    • Qi charging pad included, for wireless charging
    • Click-on trimmer for perfect mustache and sideburn trimming
    • Protects your shaver, accessories and Qi charging pad
    • Simply open the shaving head and rinse it for easy cleaning
    • Shave comfortably, wet or dry
    • Fully charge your shaver in three hours with Qi charging pad


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