Polycystic Liver Disease (PLD) is a common endocrine system disorder among men and women.   The liver is a vital organ involved in several essential bodily functions. Before blood can reach the rest of the body‚ your liver needs to filter it as it leaves the digestive tract. It also serves to support the detoxification process‚ removing potentially harmful compounds and converting them into waste matter. In addition,‚ bile is secreted by the liver. Bile is an acidic substance in the intestines that promotes digestion‚ breaking down fatty acids. 
Perhaps most importantly‚ the liver processes and absorbs the nutrients contained in foods and supplements. By breaking down these chemical compounds‚ they're converted into forms that are easier for the rest of the body to utilize. If the liver isn't functioning properly‚ you may be at risk for nutritional deficiencies‚ regardless of your diet. 
PLD provides an array of antioxidants that work to protect liver cells and Hepatitis virus. Artichoke extract‚ ALA, turmeric‚ and silymarin all contain flavonoid components that scavenge and fight off free radicals. Silymarin‚ which is found in milk thistle extract‚ may support liver metabolism.  This supplement also provides N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC)‚ which may restore your liver's levels of glutathione and protect it from toxic metabolites produced during its standard processes. 
 PLD Diet Recommendation: 
? Balance your daily protein intake with an equal amount of carbohydrates.
? Women should watch out for an irregular period cycle.   
? Eat foods low on the glycemic index and glycemic load 
? Eat a diet high in fiber. 
? Eat 5 small meals a day. 
? Eat essential fatty acids daily.
? Exercise for 30 minutes
? Eat Organic.  
? Reduce or Quit Coffee. 
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