this is natural green jade beaded bracelet ,each bead have Beautiful patterns ,
I hope this bracelet bring you hope and happiness and good luck in the new year .



Pi Yao is a powerful and auspicious create of good fortune. Pi Yao has the ability to help anyone who is having a bad Feng Shui due to having offended the Grand Duke Jupiter(Tai Sui).If a person is having a series of bad luck after moving to a new home or just completed any renovation should display the Pi Yao at home.Differs from brave with the unicorn, brave is cut-throat Switzerland, and the main heart is special. Has function which the dwelling exorcises evil spirits. brave in aquatic function, separable below several bright: one, has the function which the dwelling exorcises evil spirits. The light brave imposition in the home, has been possible to make the family to be good, good Canada, expels the perverse trend, has effect of the dwelling, gets married to defend the god, guarantees the entire family to be safe. two, have the prosperous function. Except that helps beside, is also being helpful, therefore does business merchant also suitable imposition brave in company or family. three, have melts five big ghosts the functions. With ghost dwelling and prosperous,especially in the aspect, has the bright function brave.

Product Details
Handmade: Yes
Condition: Brand new
Material natural green jade
Size : 13 carved beads, each bead is approx. 13mm * 13mm(height) * 13mm
Net Weight approx. 60 gramsChargeable
Weight 100 grams (for calculating s/h fee)
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