this is perfect red agate bangle , perfect color , perfect handmade .

Wonderful workmanship! So intricate! It's a great gift for someone you love or a great addition to your collection. This pictured is the exact item you will receive perfect gift ! Proud to own one!Don't miss it!

measure the width of your palm and find correct bangle size
your palm width size = your bangle size (Please measurement of your palm at its widest point ?
your palm width size 62mm - 66mm = bangle size diameter 50mm -52mm
your palm width size 66mm -70mm = bangle size diameter 52mm - 54mm
your palm width size 70mm - 74mm = bangle size diameter 54mm - 56mm
your palm width size 74mm - 78mm = bangle size diameter 56mm -58mm
your palm width size 78mm - 82mm =bangle size diameter 58mm - 60mm
your palm width size 82mm - 86mm =bangle size diameter 60mm - 62mm
your palm width size 86mm - 90mm =bangle size diameter 62mm- 64mm
your palm width size 90mm -94mm =bangle size diameter 64mm - 66mm
your palm width size 94mm - 100mm =bangle size diameter 66mm - 68mm

custom size Diameter 52mm -70 mm
Please Choose your size: (type the size of your choice in "message to seller" section during checkout)
also, if you not know how to measure , can you send me your palm width size used in Inch Details .
this is handmade natural green jade bangle , perfect color , if you have any Problem Please contact me

thank you

- Shape / Type:
- Material / Gem:
Natural red agate / Carnelian
- Code:
Dark Red
- Grade / Type:
100 Grade A / Type A / Class A
- Origin:
- Refractive Index:
1.66 - 1.67
- Specific Gravity:
3.33 - 3.34
- Size:
custom size Diameter 52mm -70 mm
- Weight ( g / ct ):
~ 18.8 g / 94 ct
- Condition:

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Item #1, a jade pendant, chargeable weight is 100grams
Item #2, a jade necklace, chargeable weight is 100grams
Item #3, a jade bangle, chargeable weight is 200grams
The total of chargeable weight is: 100+100+200=400grams

so this is one Parcel FREE shipping for you .

thank you reading if you have any Problem Please contact me .

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