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Gold and Jade Fill the House
Goldfish (??) is homophonic of gold and jade (??). The character gold (?) means money in Chinese and the character jade (?) has the same pronunciation with the character surplus (?). Flowers that bloom in all seasons symbolize abundance and happiness. The design is well received when offered at wedding ceremonies.

Fish have always been highly revered by the Chinese, not just because the Chinese word "YU" means both fish and abundance, but also because their reproductive powers make them as a symbol of fertility and pregnancy. And because they swim happily in their own environment, fish have become an emblem of connubial bliss and harmony as well. Colorful fish is always represent joy and peace in life.

Product Details
- Shape / Type: Pendant / Charm / choker / necklace
- Material / Gem: natural jadeite jade
- Grade / Type: 100% Grade A / Type A / Class A
Shipping/Handling FREE for standard int'l shipping (10-18 days delivery)
- Refractive Index: 1.66 - 1.69
- Specific Gravity: 3.33 - 3.34
- Color & Variety: green Color, Icy Variety
- Accessory: with adjustable necklace cord

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Item #1, a jade pendant, chargeable weight is 100grams
Item #2, a jade necklace, chargeable weight is 100grams
Item #3, a jade bangle, chargeable weight is 200grams
The total of chargeable weight is: 100+100+200=400grams

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