COMMON MILKWEED. American Native Wildflower.Milkweed is the primary food plant of the monarch butterfly caterpillars. The monarch population has been decreasing by 50% a year for over ten years. The reason is no milkweed for the baby's to eat. Once established this plant requires very little care. Drought tolerant. One plant of Common Milkweed will form a large clump by its spreading rhizomes,which can be divided.This happens the second season and beyond. The lifespan of this perennial 4-5+ years. 100+ Quality heirloom seeds.

Some American Native Wildflower seeds need to go through a cold winter to germinate. This plant is one of them. They do this so the seed won’t sprout in fall, only to have the seedling not make it through a cold winter. I have stratified these seeds to simulate a cold winter(stratification) This raises the germination rate considerably. Thanks for looking!!



Full sun.

Spring, soil temp 68F+.

SOW on surface. Press into soil 6"apart. Do not cover. Needs light to germinate. Keep moist.

germination 14-28 days.

Thin to 18".

Height 36" x 18" Wide.

Flowers are Pink. Blooms June,July,Aug.