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Trendy, Party pleasing, eye popping, skull earrings new from Osborn Jewelry featuring Gaia's Essence. Enjoy! Perfect for Halloween, Cinco de Mayo, Gothic

Turquoise Color Howlite Skull Earrings with Copper Merlin's Hat with Turquoise Tassel on Sterling Silver Ear Hooks. Howlite Skulls 3/4", Copper Hat 1", Total length 2".

Turquoise Color Howlite Skulls

Copper Merlin's Hat

Turquoise Tassel

Sterling Silver Ear Hooks

Howlite Skulls 3/4"

Copper Hat 1"

Total length 2"


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Howlite-Metaphysical/Healing Properties

How? That's the question many creative people ask themselves daily. Here's how: You simply sit down. You don't tell yourself you'll wait until you're not so busy, or not so tired, or, most deadly of all, until inspiration hits you. If you're a writer, you sit down in front of your computer; if you're a painter, in front of your easel; if you're a beader, at the table where you do your beadwork. You start "playing" (with words, paints, beads, etc.). That requires trust, openness and discipline--the important spiritual values howlite offers. That's why it's a tremendously important stone for anyone who's creating anything, which is probably all of us.